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Applications with data on chain

With millions of critical data points stored on public blockchains, there is an increasing need from protocols, startups, and research firms to unlock the data for actionable insights.

Here's a preview of opportunities

Web3 Data Analyst


Zynga’s mission to connect the world through games makes NFTs and blockchain technology a natural next step in its evolution. This role will be responsible for assessing the ever changing NFT markets, using data to help engineers build attractive and effective game features, and identifying opportunities to increase engagement, retention, and revenue in our blockchain-based games.

Data Analyst


Analyze user, marketplace, and market data to present actionable insights that guide product development and strategy. Collect data from multiple sources (web/marketing analytics tools, surveys, social media, Discord, on-chain data, internal databases, etc.) and combine for various ad-hoc and ongoing analyses.

Data Scientist


Orca is the most user-friendly AMM DEX on Solana. This is an open call for all on-chain experts! We’re looking for a data scientist to conduct analytics and on-chain research that will directly impact Orca’s strategy for user and liquidity acquisition. As one of the first protocols on Solana, we offer a unique chance to shape the culture of a growing ecosystem.

Analytics Bounty


Analyse liquidity providers on Uniswap and the pools they provide liquidity to. Analysis can be done (but not limited to) the top and fastest growing pools, the biggest liquidity providers and what kind of pools they provide liquidity to, differences between v2 and v3 (such as TVL, total providers), etc.

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Start your journey to becoming a web3 data wizard!

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