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🧗 When did Beacon chain merged to the mainnet?

The beacon chain was activated in December 2020. It didn't process any Ethereum transactions until the merge.  It was primarily run to allow stakers to join the network, propose, and attest beacon blocks.

The Ethereum mainnet used PoW consensus until the merge.

The second phase of PoS is to merge the mainnet with the beacon chain.

Beacon chain

The Merge

Beacon chain

PoW to PoS consensus

🕵️ When did Beacon chain merged to the mainnet?

In PoW, each block has a difficulty, as well as a cumulative difficulty from the genesis block.

The merge was configured to happen when the cumulative difficulty reached a certain threshold. The execution layer then started communicating with the beacon chain instead of the PoW process.

    --1. select the first block based on time
FROM ethereum.blocks
--2. Select only the blocks with total_difficulty greater than or equal to 58750000000000000000000

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