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🧗 Which entity has the highest stake percentage?

When the exchanges or the staking service runs the majority of the validators, it can make the network more prone to failure due to malicious attacks, outages, client bugs etc.

Let's try to find out the network penetration of these staking entities.

We can group the deposits by depositor address and understand the depositor distribution. We could refer to the etherscan or Dune labels table to identify the entity name. Keep in mind that not all addresses may have labels.

Furthermore, some exchanges employ a wallet hopping strategy, in which they deposit ETH in a new wallet, send the deposit from the new wallet, and return the excess to a known wallet. In this case, we have to write rules to track and identify the entity.

To keep it simple, let us just look at the depositor address and their etherscan label.

🕵️ Which entity has the highest stake percentage?

WITH depositors AS (
    SELECT `from` AS depositor,
           SUM(value) / 1e18 AS eth_deposited
  --1. Creat a deposit_summary CTE that sums up the total ETH deposit from the above CTE
    '<a href=https://etherscan.io/address/' || d.depositor || ' target=_blank>EtherScan</a>' as etherscan_link,
    --3. Divide eth_deposited by total_eth_deposited to compute the staking percentage
  depositors d
  --2. join with deposit_summary CTE
ORDER BY eth_deposited DESC
--3. Once query is executed, Inspect the etherscan link of the first address to identify the entity

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