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🧗 Find the total number of validators registered so far

How do we know the total validators?

When a deposit is made to the ETH2 staking deposit address, the transaction includes:

  • Validator's public key
  • Validator's withdrawal key 
  • Amount deposited

Once the transaction is successfully processed by the EVM, it emits an event that is captured in logs. The beacon chain monitors the logs for deposit events and registers the validator.

Validator activation

Validator activation lifecycle

By querying the logs for unique validator public keys, we should be able to get the total number of validators signed up so far.

Note: All of the registered validators may not be active now. The current status is available only in beacon chain

🕵️ Find the total number of validators registered so far.

  --1.SUBSTRING(data, 387, 96) gives validator public address. Use COUNT and DISTINCT to retrieve unique validator count
  --2. Read from ethereum.logs
  topic1 = '0x649bbc62d0e31342afea4e5cd82d4049e7e1ee912fc0889aa790803be39038c5' --keccak hash of deposit event
  AND contract_address = LOWER('0x00000000219ab540356cBB839Cbe05303d7705Fa') --ethereum deposit address

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