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🧗 Find out the slashing occurrences

The inherent assumption of blockchain is that no node can be trusted. Hence, there has to be a mechanism for monitoring malicious behaviors and penalize them for it.

As per the protocol rules, Validators are NOT supposed to:

a) cast a contradictory vote. when a validator votes twice for two blocks in the same slot.

Mining Process

Attestation Violation

b) propose two different blocks at the same slot.

Mining Process

Proposer violation

Since every information is recorded in the beacon chain, any other node can go through the history to identify and report such violations. These violations result in validator slashings, which means the validator is penalized and kicked off the network. The block proposer that included the slashings will be rewarded for reporting it.

How do we get the validator data?

The validator state is stored in the beacon chain. Since beacon chain is not accessible in Dune yet, let us investigate from block explorers.

🕵️ Number of slashing occurrences in the beacon chain

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