Project overview


Client Analysis


Staking Analysis




Next Steps

As part of this exercise, we have identified the below challenges in terms of data analysis:

  1. Data is in silos (crawlers, nodes, onchain data, labels, tools)

  2. In order to make deep insights, the data must be combined and should be allowed open access for data analysts/scientists to enable them to build analytics/ML models on top of it.

  3. There are different stake holders (researchers, devs, stakers, staking pools etc) within the ecosystem. Each of them would have different analytic needs.

Eth Data

We'd like to continue building Ethlooker dashboard and Ethlooker database with guidance and support from Ethereum community.


  1. Eth2 Book
  2. Dune Analytics
  3. Blockprint API by michaelsproul.eth
  4. Beaconchain API
  5. Etherscan labels
  6. Node Watch by ChainSafe
  7. EtherNodes
  8. Maxmind Geo Data