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Staking Analysis - Insights

1. Staking Overview

Staking Overview

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The above chart provides an overview of the staking deposits.

It also depicts the weekly trend of validator and depositor signups. As you can observe, there is a small spike around the merge time in terms of validator/depositors.

2. Staking Distribution

Staking pools and CEX are the major stakers in the Ethereum network.

The above chart provides a distribution of their stakes as well as their growth.

We hope this would enable the community to understand more about the staking entities.

3. Staking Entity Effectiveness

Another key question would be to understand the effectiveness of each of the staking entities.

Although there are no red flags other than neukind and stereum, this chart would allow staking pools to compare their performance to that of others.

4. Staking Entity Diversity Leaderboard

This leaderboard rates the staking entity based on their diversity index. It also provides an indicator of their major and minority clients.

We hope this would encourage the entities to take actions to improve their diversity.